Lancaster,  Pennsylvania  

Business Overview

Located in the heart of Lancaster County, our skilled staff is committed to providing first-class customer service with a strong focus on safety.  Our new modern facility, adjacent to the terminal building, includes both a pilot's lounge and a passenger waiting area, along with many other amenities.  Whether you're here for a quick turn or prolonged stay, we are ready to handle all your needs.  

Services Offered

Aircraft Services:  Avfuel Jet-A & 100LL full and self-service, heated Hangar space, de-icing & preheat, GPU & jump starts, lavatory service, third party maintenance and oxygen.


Guest Services & Amenities:  Pilot and passenger lounges, quiet/snooze rooms, flight planning, Wi-Fi, crew car, coffee, ice, catering, on-site car rentals, after-hours service.


Alliance Aviation

Passenger Loby

Alliance Loby

Coffee Bar, Conference Room

Pilot lounge activity area

Pilot lounge with offices, quiet rooms and restroom with shower

90KVA GPU with 28v Rectifier

Tug with build-in 28v GPU

5,000 bl. Diesel Forklift