Sheltair BJC
9107 Rocky Road
Denver,  Colorado   80021

Business Overview

Sheltair - KBJC is conveniently located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains between Denver and Boulder for optimum ski resort repositioning and quick access to the downtown business districts. Let Sheltair care for your needs with an array of VIP benefits including deicing, superior ground support and concierge services, canteen market and complimentary refreshments, comfortable pilot lounge and flight planning room, crew cars and on-site rentals, and complimentary interior cleaning.

Services Offered

Excellent customer service

Superior ground support and concierge services 


An excellent option for repositioning aircraft when flying to ski areas

Deicing services 

Crew cars available and on site rentals

Wireless Internet 

Pilots Lounge

Flight Planning Room

Complimentary interior cleaning

Complimentary refreshments