Avionics Services International
San Antonio International Airport
1770 Skyplace Blvd.
San Antonio,  Texas   78216
Tel: (956) 285-0373

Business Overview

Avionics Services International has served the United States, Canada, and Mexico for nearly 30 years. With our offices and repair station in Laredo, Texas, ASI proudly strives to meet the demands of thousands of customers around the world. We fly to YOU, to make installation, repairs, and testing painless! We work tirelessly to improve our product selection, service quality, certifications, and expertise to provide the best experience possible.

CRS: S78R151N

ASI’s unparalleled service record and our expedient turnaround time make us the most trusted name in avionics service, repair, testing, and installation across Texas. We look forward to serving you!

Services Offered



We provide custom installation of instruments, panels, accessories, and systems of all kinds.



ASI can quickly and effectively troubleshoot your instruments and avionic equipment.



ASI is an accredited certifier for a variety of federal aircraft certification requirements.



ASI specializes in ADI/HSI, Radio, Nav/Comm, DME, GPS, EFIS, TAWS, and more.