Business Overview

Located at the Quebec City Jean-Lesage International Airport, AFS Executive is a passionate team with 20-plus years of experience in aircraft handling. We're committed to personalized and exceptional service. After major investments, this new warm, welcoming area offers you a range of high-level services dedicated to business aviation. Our hangar of more than 20,000sf is ready for your airplane.

Services Offered

FBO Features

• Hangar
• Aircraft parking
• Passenger rest area
• High-speed wireless Internet access (WiFi)
• Pilots’ lounge

Services offered

• Aviation fuels Jet Fuel & Avgas 100LL
• CANPASS Customs at FBO
• Hangar available
• Type 1 de-icing and Type 4 anti-icing
• Ground handling
• Luggage loading and unloading
• Quick aircraft turnaround on the ground
• Lavatory service
• Aircraft cleaning (interior)
• Catering service to order
• Crew shuttle service
• On-cal taxi and limousine service
• Car rental service
• Hotel reservations



Accepted methods of payment

Credit cards
Debit cards