Sheltair TPA
4751 Jim Walter Blvd
Tampa,  Florida   33607
Tel: 8133198000

Business Overview

Fly in to experience the renowned care and individualized attention you can only get at Sheltair TPA. Along with stellar service, guests benefit from a large canopy, ramp access for passenger vehicles, U.S. Customs just steps away, superior ground support and concierge services, complimentary interior cleaning, catering, crew cars, canteen market and complimentary refreshments, executive conference rooms, well-appointed passenger lounges, and a crew lounge with showers.

Services Offered

US Customs Facility Adjacent

Superior ground support and handling

Award-winning customer service 

Domestic and International Handling

Refueling JA and 100 LL

Arrival/Departure Canopy

Conference Room

Wireless Internet

Flight Planning/Weather Room

Crew Lounge with showers

Canteen Market

Complimentary Refreshments

Crew cars and on-site rentals

Courtesy Shuttle

Commercial Ground Handling