Plasa Margareth Abraham
Tel: +5999839-1520

Business Overview

With a fully improved facility, enjoy our full-service environment with premium amenities. Whether you are crossing the American continent or the Caribbean to travel towards your destination, we invite you to select Jet Centre Curaçao for a quick fuel stop or a visit. Jet Centre Curaçao is separated from the commercial terminal, yet adjacent the commercial terminal making your connection to the other side of the world also an easy one.

Jet Centre Curaçao ensures maximum security, comfort and privacy. We are able to customize our services to adapt to your specific requirements through our experienced and multi lingual staff.

Services Offered

Enjoy our full-service environment with premium amenities.

  • 24/7 dedicated fuel service by Curoil
  • 24/7 ground handling service by CATS
  • Private in house Customs and Immigration
  • Conference room with excellent meeting facilities
  • comfortable waiting area and surroundings
  • VIP Lounge with private bar, bathroom and shower
  • Relax room with Private shower and bath
  • Pilot Lounge with weather briefing room
  • Complimentary high speed Internet/WIFI
  • Ice, coffee, paper, ice and dish wash service
  • aircraft cleaning
  • concierge service for all your needs, from gourmet catering to hotel, business and transportation reservations


Main entrance Jet Centre Curacao

Departure Lounge

Departure Lounge

Conference Room

VIP Lounge