Kreos Aviation/Saskatoon Airport Esso
Hangar 18 Saskatoon Airport
Wayne Hicks Lane
Saskatoon,  SK   S7L6S2
Tel: 1-877-955-7367
Tel: 1-306-242-0088

Business Overview

Kreos Aviation's FBO Executive Passenger Terminal is a comfortable and modern facility. Passengers can work or rest in quiet comfort, with privacy and security.

Let our first class customer service team take care of you and your clients!

For our FBO Customer Service Representatives please call 1-877-955-7367

For our Exxon/ Esso Fuel services please call 1-306-242-0088

Services Offered

  • Esso/Exxon Mobil fuel dealer
    • UNICOM 122.85
  • Secure ramp with quick turnaround capabilities
  • On-site customs (CANPASS)
  • Executive lounge with a comfortable waiting area
  • Conference room available
  • Pilot’s Lounge
  • Grooming and dishes service available
  • Wireless internet access
  • Complimentary beverages, snacks and local newspapers.
  • Major credit cards & fuel cards accepted
  • The FBO’s dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives are available for:
    • Hotel arrangements with preferred rates
    • Vehicle rentals, Limo and Taxi service
    • Catering arrangements
  • Business Centre, faxing and courier services available
  • Vehicle-to-plane access
  • Free on-site vehicle parking


Welcome to Kreos Aviation's FBO Executive Terminal.

Prompt and professional fuel service available 24hrs by the Saskatoon Airport Esso.

Our comfortable, modern facility gives passengers a place to rest, relax or work.

At Kreos we pay attention to even the smallest detail.

Concierge services available.

Our team is highly experienced in aviation and are dedicated giving our customers the highest quality service.

Business services such as courier, fax, and WIFI available.

Hangar Space available upon request, ready to protect your aircraft.

Pilot lounge with flight planning equipment, cable TV, and access to a full service kitchen.