625 W Hangar Road
Hgr 11-12
New Richmond,  Wisconsin   54017
Tel: 715-246-5338
Tel: 715-760-5055

Business Overview

The important stuff - We have two locations at New Richmond Regional Airport. The self-service FBO is located near the approach end of runway 32 in the south hangar area. The full service FBO is located 4,000' from the approach end of 32 in the north hangar area. The nice-to-know stuff - East Metro is managed by very active large cabin and mid-size biz-av pilots who know exactly what you need to make your trip safe and efficient. The good things we've seen at FBO's around the world were recreated here to make your experience even better.

We serve a population of over 155,000 people in the communities of New Richmond, Hudson, River Falls, Stillwater, Somerset, Roberts, Baldwin, Woodville, Hammond, Glenwood City, Clear Lake, Amery, Star Prairie and the entire East Metro portion of the Twin Cities.

Aircraft charter, maintenance, and flight instruction is performed by our partners here in New Richmond, making the airport a true full-service facility.

Absolutely no call out fees either. We're biz-av pilots ourselves. We get it.

Services Offered

We have rental cars on-site and every type of ground handling equipment necessary, including deicing (Type I, Type IV, and TKS) delivered via truck. We have two jet refuelers (5,000 gals and 2,000 gals), one avgas refueler, and even a MOGAS refueler.  Crew cars are on-site and ready to go.  If you're into self service . . . we have avgas pumps 24/7.  Catering isn't a problem even on short notice.  We have a forklift ready to go for any cargo handling as well.